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5 Benefits of Installing a Home Lift

Residential lifts have become more of a necessity in modern times than a luxury. This is especially the case when you have limited mobility and you’re looking for an easy way to move around the house without much assistance.
A home lift can significantly impact your life and offers a variety of benefits. They are practical and provide unlimited access to your home. However, the benefits are not only limited to helping you get around your home with ease.

1. Increases property value

Whether you’re considering selling your home now or in the near future, a home lift can improve the value of the home and allow you to fetch more. Even though it might be a necessity for you, for other homeowners, it can be a much sort after luxury.

A home lift will make the home more comfortable and will significantly impact the selling price and improve interest in the property.

2. Better accessibility

There are a variety of reasons why you might want a lift in your home. One of the most common reasons is to improve accessibility and mobility especially in buildings that have more than one floor. With a home lift, the user can easily move from floor to floor without dealing with the challenge that is posed by stairs. Stairlifts can also be installed for narrow stairs and tight corners.

With the help of a lift, you can be more independent while exploring full range around the home without putting yourself through the pain of dealing with staircases.

3. It is safe

For less mobile homeowners, a home lift is a great way to move around. It is safe with and more comfortable to use instead of the stairs. With reduced mobility, there are imminent risks associated and a lift is a perfect way to avoid such risks without limiting your movement.

If security is a concern in the house, it is possible to make the lift accessible only to certain people which ensures you maintain security within the property.

4. It is practical

If you’re considering installing a home lift for mobility reasons, it is the most practical decision you can make. It will come in handy in reducing your association with the stairs even when you have to carry bulky items to another floor.

A home lift is both convenient and fast and makes the work at hand a lot easier whether it is accessibility or moving heavy items around.

If a home lift isn't suitable we also offer a range of stairlifts to help you move around your home. Read about the benefits of installing a stairlift here.

5. It is easy to use and maintain

You might shy away from the thought of having a residential lift thinking it is expensive to maintain. In fact, a home lift will only need cleaning to keep it in the best condition. It rarely breaks down and will work for many years.

You don’t have to be an affluent homeowner to consider having a lift in your home. It is a great asset to have around the house for a variety of other reasons other than luxuries like convenience, mobility and accessibility. Because of how practical they are, home lifts continue to be popular and there have become affordable over the years making them a common feature in most homes.