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Your stairlift pricing guide

TK Home Solutions UK named a Which? Recommended Provider

We are proud to announce our endorsement by Which? as a Recommended Provider in the Stairlift Category, effective May 2024.

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We are delighted to receive such positive feedback from our customers.

Stairlifts offer a convenient and safe solution for people with mobility issues to navigate stairs. They are an excellent investment that can provide you or your loved ones with the freedom to move around your home safely and independently. But how much does a stairlift cost? Prices vary depending on your requirement, but we’re here to help. Below is further detail on stairlift pricing to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

If you would like to speak to someone direct, contact us now on 0800 953 9700.

Thanks to our individual solutions for straight, curved, narrow and steep stairs, our stairlifts adapt perfectly to your living ambience and make your everyday life much easier.

Your stairlift is unique to your needs and your home, and we will always tailor the stairlift and installation to you.

If we need to make minor adjustments, this may affect the overall cost. However we will always do our most to give you the best price possible.

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Grants for stairlifts

To determine your eligibility for a grant you can contact your local authority or visit the GOV.UK website to find out more information and the types of adaptations that may be available to you. The grant is assessed and awarded when the council considers that necessary changes to your home will improve your living environment and make life easier.

VAT Exemption

TK Home Solutions offers VAT exemption for those seeking to purchase a stairlift to aid with disability or chronic illness. There are two VAT exemption options available, providing discounts to chronically ill, disabled individuals, and seniors over 60. However, it is essential to complete a VAT exempt form to qualify.

If the applicant is coping with chronic illness or has a disability, they can qualify for a full VAT exemption for domestic and personal use. A chronic illness or disability is defined as either a long-term physical or mental impairment that hinders daily activities, including conditions like arthritis, a medically certified chronic sickness, such as diabetes, or a terminal illness.

If you would like to check the conditions for VAT exemption, you can view them using the link below to GOV.UK.
Reliefs from VAT for disabled and older people (VAT Notice 701/7) - GOV.UK (

Please use the form below to apply for VAT exemption. Before completing the declaration, the person applying must be sure of their eligibility. The stairlifts purchased must also be for that person only. -> VAT Exemption Form

Factors affecting stairlift pricing

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to stairlift pricing. The cost of a stairlift can vary depending on several factors, such as:

The type of stairlift

Straight stairlifts are less expensive than curved ones, which require more complex installation and customization.

The length of the stairs

Longer staircases require longer railings, which can increase the overall cost of the stairlift.

The weight capacity

Heavy-duty stairlifts that can accommodate more weight will be more expensive than standard ones.

The level of customization

If you have specific design requirements, such as a particular color or fabric, this may add to the cost of the stairlift.

Additional features

Some stairlift models come with additional features like swivel seats, safety sensors, and remote controls. Depending on the stairlift and provider, these features can potentially add to the cost.

Custom Features

You can also customise your stairlift with some of the following additional features below, these extra options may contribute to the overall cost.

Automatic / Power swivel - ASL technology

The S200 stairlift incorporates ASL technology patented by TK Home Solutions. This unique technology allows S200 to rotate the chair and footrest simultaneously during the ride so you will always be in the safest and most comfortable position possible. For the S100 stairlift, it has the option for an automatic swivel seat. On the top landing, it will turn automatically to enable getting on and off safely.

Upholstery upgrade

The overall look of our stairlift is modern and timeless to complement your home, with no visible mechanics or cables. As for the upholstery, it’s your choice when it comes to the S200! Various textile, vinyl and genuine leather options are available in a range of colours. They’re all fire-resistant, moisture-proof and easy to keep clean.

Rail colour / end options

Depending on the shape of your staircase, the S200 rail can be placed on either the wall side or the bannister side. The end of the rail can be fixed to the first step to avoid obstructing a door, or to the floor at the foot of the stairs. It can also be designed to curve around the bottom stair post. There is also a choice of colours to allow your rail to blend in as well as your stairlift.

Straight or curved armrests

With the S200 stairlift, you have the option of straight or curved armrests. The curved armrests provide what we call a ‘circle of safety’ when using the chair. It gives a unique feeling of safety, and they embrace you whilst travelling up and down the stairs. They are also long and tapered at the front to give you a secure grip and extra support when sitting down or standing up.

Final Thoughts

Stairlift pricing can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of stairlift, the length of the stairs, the weight capacity, and the level of customisation. While the upfront cost can seem significant, there is sometimes options and adjustments that can be made to make it more affordable. Ultimately, the benefits of increased mobility and independence in your home can make the investment in a stairlift worthwhile.

If you could like to speak to one of our experts regarding a stairlift today, you can fill out the form below and we will be back in touch very soon. You can also contact us directly with the online chat at the bottom of this page for immediate assistance.