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Our Commitment

Our Commitment
TK Home Solutions has a particular responsibility for the people directly and indirectly affected by our work.

As one of the UK's leading specialists in access solutions, TK Home Solutions has a particular responsibility for the people directly and indirectly affected by our work. This responsibility is reflected in our wide-ranging activities to support people and the environment. It is one of our chief priorities to take into account business, social and ecological aspects before making any decisions.

We are part of the TK Elevator AG group, which has a long and successful tradition of corporate responsibility. As well as taking accountability for what goes on in our subsidiaries, we also make an active contribution to solving social problems and foster the positive development of the regions in which we operate.

To this end, we support a number of non-profit projects, organisations and initiatives in culture, science, education and sport as well as other social, charitable and humanitarian activities.

We believe that responsible corporate governance focused on sustainable value enhancement (Corporate Governance) and compliance with statutory provisions and internal corporate policies (Compliance) are important prerequisites for responsible action.

Networks and initiatives

At European level, we support the European Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility, which now brings together over 230 enterprises and organisations from all parts of Europe. The alliance was launched by the European Union Commission in 2006 to promote corporate social responsibility.


  • TK Home Solutions is dedicated to playing its part in reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. We recognise that such individual impact may well be small, but that if all commercial organisations around the world follow suit this will be multiplied several thousand fold. There are seven key ways we aim to look after the environment:
  • Increase fuel efficiency for the vehicle fleet. TK Home Solutions burns approximately 200,000 litres of fossil fuel per annum. Target average of 45MPG per fleet vehicle.
  • Increase energy efficiency of buildings. TK Home Solutions uses around 50MW.h of electricity and around 500MW.h of natural gas per annum in its operations. We have also increased the use of energy-efficient bulbs and PIR detectors for infrequently used rooms, building insulation, as well as investigated door air curtains and revamped our factory heating system.
  • Increase wind power. Wind power is readily available in the Teesside area. We are also investigating the potential for siting a small wind turbine to reduce on grid electricity consumption.
  • Increase solar power. Throughout the summer we have good sunshine rates and have therefore investigated the potential for solar heating/ hot water/photovoltaic electricity.
  • Biofuels. Teesside is building the UK's first biodiesel refinery, and this fuel is becoming increasingly commonplace within the country. TK Home Solutions will commit to replacing 15 per cent of its annual diesel demand with biodiesel through a new fuel card scheme.
  • Reduce incinerated waste. TK Home Solutions currently sends around 50 tons of plastics every year to be incinerated, and around 300 tons of mixed waste to landfill. We are committed to streaming our waste and resourcing waste disposal providers in order to reduce this to the minimum amount possible.
  • Press for greener energy. TK Home Solutions will press for green electricity tariffs where possible when renegotiating electricity supply for either or both sites.

Have a query about any of our commitments? Get in touch to speak to one of our skilled team members — you can also request a free quote of any of our products while you’re on the call.