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Community Fund Voting Page

Vote for the group that you would like to win the TK Access Solutions Community Fund 2022. Read more about the group and why they would like to win, then vote for them below.

Forest Hall FC

Forest Hall FC's main inclusive aim is to provide sport for all. Established in 1996 as a club for the community, Forest Hall welcomes children and adults of all ages, abilities and genders; promoting good physical and mental health through participation in grassroots football. As well as our junior and senior teams, we are home to the Dazzlers, Ability Counts; a team for players aged 16 plus, who live with disabilities or additional needs. The Dazzler’s coaches go beyond simply coaching football. Not only do they support the team with general health, fitness and wellbeing, they also teach life skills, such as cookery. The team do not pay subs to the club and yet often join in with whole club fundraising events, showing great community spirit. We would like to apply for funding to support the Dazzlers in their forthcoming season, with funds being allocated to league fees, insurance, new kit and training equipment. It may also support coaches in further training, which in turns benefits the team members themselves!

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Whitley Bay Gymnastics Club

The Whitley Bay Gymnastics Club (WBGC) was established in 1981. It provides a fun environment to support the personal, social, and physical development of all children and adolescents in the local community.

Currently, it is the only gymnastic club in the region to work with a squad of young people with disabilities/additional needs, vulnerable groups, home-educated families and young leaders. The club supports the development of individuals by building their confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic had a significant impact on the club and after 40 years (1981-2021), it was impossible to continue at the same capacity. There is a huge gap in the local community, demonstrated by requests that we continue to receive from new and old members. The funding would enable the re-establishment of an all-inclusive club.

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East Durham Pulse Netball Club

We are a relatively new netball club for children from age 5 upwards and adults in the East Durham community, based in Wingate. Since we formed our numbers have increased to around 50 and we are actively encouraging local girls to take part in sport for their mental and physical wellbeing and are seeing new members each week.

As this is seen as a deprived area, we are currently looking to fund more netball targeted training for our volunteer coaches and to encourage new volunteers to assist with the growing numbers. Some of our older girls would like to undertake some training and funding could help facilitate this. We would also like to buy training tops for the girls to wear to league games to give the girls a team spirit and sense of pride as other established clubs have matching kit. We are looking at an end of season presentation or social event to boost their confidence and allow friendships to be maintained. We have started playing in local leagues and have a few girls training with North Durham academy this year after trials took place.

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Walker Central Football Club

We have over 50 volunteers coaches and staff that support over 350 children, from the ages of 3 to 17 years from low income backgrounds.

We are currently in desperate need of funds to allow us to hire winter football pitches to keep our children playing this winter.

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Whickham Fellside Youth Football Club

We play in the Russell Foster League on a Saturday, with the team having been together since u7's back in 2015. The boys are near the end of their youth football journey, so we have entered a tournament in the Netherlands at Easter 2023, to give them an once in a like time experience and a trip that we hope will live with them forever.

The boys and their parents have been actively fundraising over the summer with a view to raising a total of £7,200 which will cover the cost of sending the boys to Amsterdam and additional funding we could source would be gratefully appreciated.

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Autism Parents Together

Autism Parents Together (Tees Valley) is a charity whose main aim is to provide socially inclusive activities for autistic children and young people, including those on the pathway to a diagnosis.

The charity was set up with this in mind. We create exclusive, parent-supported activities to allow children and young people to participate in activities that they would otherwise be unable to access. Examples of our events in the local community are swimming, soft plays sessions, forest schools, climbing, bowling, fishing and gaming. All our events are exclusively for users of the charity and adjustments are put in place to make the venue more accessible. We ensure activities are less crowded and other adjustments can be made to make them less daunting. The charity has also grown to provide sessions that siblings can attend, as well as events for parents and carers.

Our events/activities enable autistic children and young people to socialise, engage in activities and have fun, our events benefit other family members too. Parents and carers stay at the events and this in turn has created a space where they can relax, develop new friendships, share ideas and feel part of a community. All our events are subsidised by the charity which increases accessibility for families who might otherwise not be able to attend.

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Ferryhill Town Youth Under 13’s Football

Ferryhill under 13 football has been running a few short months and couple of weeks ago the manager left the team unexpectedly and took all training kit with him as he paid for it. I took over as no one else was able to, I've managed to pay for few balls and sorted a home kit through the club. The boys still need training equipment like match balls, cones, bibs etc, coats for winter and an away strip.

These boys have been let down by 2 coaches already and I would like them to have the equipment to be able to thrive in grassroots football. Most of these boys have never played a competitive sport and and a hand full have learning difficulties but none of these points are stopping them from trying their best and having fun with it. In these hard times it is difficult to fundraise as we live in a deprived area and most parents struggle with increasing costs of living. Thank you for taking the time to consider helping these boys.

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Cleveland Juniors FC

Cleveland juniors offers football at an affordable price. We also run a free football session each week to ensure we reach the most deprived and underprivileged children. We aim to create friendships & fun through football. We promote health & well-being to all children from 3 years - adults.

Children from underprivileged backgrounds who cannot access football due to financial restrictions can come to us with no cost, we want all children to be able to access sport. However in this cost of living crisis we are finding it very difficult to subsidise the cost of this.

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Riverside Junior Blues Under 11

We provide a community grass root football club inspiring young children to grow a sense of team work, team player, understanding key skills needed to drive towards high performance team play. Improving children ability to cope with decision making, intelligence and communication skills. Teaching the children a level of discipline through team sport and community.

We also expose the children to fun activities that pushes boundaries that they may not get a chance to usually like raft building, leap of faith and rifle shooting so they experiment with other activities which require team play and encouragement within the community to support each other.

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U12 and U14 Girls section Ryton RFU

Ryton RFU girls teams ranges from the age of 11 upward to 18 years, and beyond that to our senior women's team. I am looking to fund our u14 and u12 team. Looking at the enrichment activities in our local schools there is no option to take part in rugby for the girls of that age and at Ryton RFU, we are very much behind empowering girls in sport and are in the middle of a large recruitment drive to form a new u12 team and to add to our existing u14 team.

COVID restrictions have also massively impacted our fundraising opportunities as the main source of funding has came from our local community, from bag packing at local stores to events organised by the coaching staff to involve not only our members but the local community too.

If successful, this grant would be used to buy new strips for our u12 and u14 girls, as our strips are currently hand-me downs from older teams and we currently have no kit for our new u12s. It would also help with new equipment to use in their training sessions. Thank you!

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Middlesbrough Roller Hockey Club

Middlesbrough Roller Hockey Club was established in 1947, the club is affiliated to the National Roller Hockey Association. There are over 50 members, ranging from age 6 through to age 55, and from complete beginners who have never skated through to the England Captain! The club successfully competes at both a regional and national level across the full range of age groups.

All teams consist of both male and female members and all age groups train together on Wednesdays and Fridays at Middlesbrough Sports Village We would like to use funding to purchase kits for our younger teams and support new members providing all required equipment which includes skates,sticks, gloves and protective knee and shin pads on a loan basis along with providing structured training sessions which encourages teamwork, positive social engagement and learning through a healthy popular and active pastime.

Our friendly club is actively recruiting new members of all ages from across Teesside Thank you for considering our funding application, for more information about our club visit our face book page middlebrough roller hockey club or pop along to watch training.

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Riverside Juniors City U7

I'm currently starting my coaching journey with a brand new under 7 boys football team playing in the TJFA. We are really brand new, so it's been a struggle getting set up.

I have 6 kids in my team and am currently in the process of looking at sponsorship towards the running of the team and a new kit for the season ahead (we currently have a borrowed kit). Any funding available to us would be greatly appreciated by myself and the boys as we look forward to the season ahead and becoming a family not just a team.

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Fighting All Cancers Together (FACT)

FACT–Fighting All Cancers Together provides help, support & social opportunities for anyone affected by cancer, their family & friends. Builds partnerships with health professionals, statutory bodies, support groups/services & voluntary organisations, sustaining the community within. Delivers education/awareness events for schools, colleges & places of work all without any statutory funding and we do not duplicate other services. We fulfill a void of services across the North East. Some of the services provided, but are not limited to:

• Counselling sessions

• Crisis and talking therapy sessions

• Bereavement preparation session for children with terminally ill parents and adult bereavement counselling

• Exercise classes and coffee mornings

• Family support days

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WAVES Additional Needs Support Group

WAVES Additional Needs Support Group (WAVES) is a not-for-profit charity. It was established in September 2017 to provide a volunteer led service that supports children with disabilities/additional needs, their siblings and their carers’ in a fun and informal setting. We have over 500 active members and a regular attendance of 150+ members per week. As statutory services are being cut due to austerity measures, it is important for people to be supported by those affected by the same issues and as a group this is what we do. All the Committee and a number of the volunteers have close child/young adult family members with additional needs and/or disabilities. As well as our Saturday support group, we offer support to parents by advising on SEN (Special Educational Needs) procedures, support in understanding the diagnostic journey and helping complete the complicated forms relating to the additional health and educational needs children with disabilities have.. We meet each Saturday afternoon from 12noon to 4pm. Within the venue that we meet, the children have a wide range of indoor/outdoor activities on offer.

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Eston & Normanby Darts

We are a Monday night Pub darts team we play against many other team ranging in different ages the league has been running for a very long time and so has my team we are struggling for players and a few of us have decided to get some darts shirts which we would love for you to sponsor us and we hope that these darts shirts may help get a few more players through our door.

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Langley Park FC

We a local Sunday league football team. We been going over 25 years now, we welcome any players 16 years or over. We need to have a pitch to play from and have a fee to pay to use pitch.

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Gateshead Football Club Community Foundation

As around 36% of children in Gateshead live in poverty, our primary focus is to inspire aspirations in marginalised and disadvantaged children and young people across the low income communities of Gateshead. Through fun and meaningful activities such as football and sports, art, cookery, cultural outings and keeping safe in the community programmes.

Football has many major benefits for children and young people. It improves health and fitness, teaches teamwork, leadership skills and responsibility and gives children and young people a sense of belonging and community. With the late nights drawing in and the weather getting colder, with your support, we would like to provide free weekly in-door football coaching and sports activity sessions for young people across Gateshead.

Additionally, each attendee would be provided with a meal to take home, with any surplus meals given out for sibling to enjoy. With the cost of living rising, our project goal is to give young people a safe, warm place to go, have fun and receive food with the added benefit of reducing youth crime, gang violence and anti-social behaviour.

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Hartlepool Rovers

Hartlepool Rovers are a friendly and welcoming rugby club with a thriving mini and junior section. In particular we are the most established club in Hartlepool for girls rugby with a long record of developing girls to play up to International level and in the Women’s National League.

Next season will see Hartlepool Rovers launch our new look Senior and Junior Girls Rugby Academy. But most importantly we just want all our players to have fun, make friends and enjoy themselves . We are always looking for ways to help us to raise funds to support our junior players. In the past we have used grant money to buy new kit, balls, tackle bags etc as well as fund trips and days out to Premiership Clubs and Womens internationals. Also we have provided free sanitary products for our girls.

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Great Ayton Under 10's Football Team

Great Ayton football team is a village club which provides opportunities for children from the age 6 upwards, the football club is a hub for all children in the Village and the surrounding area to access football. The under 10’s age group plays in the local Teesside Junior Alliance League.

We are run entirely by volunteers and require help with funding for footballs, kits, goals and training equipment. The under 10s have been together now for 4 years and the club provides an opportunity for the children to engage in physical activity, be outdoors and build social skills for life. Our club aim is to maintain engagement and participation for children in football right through to the age of 18, giving hours of fun and memories to our group of children.

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North East Autism Society

For over forty years, the Society has created a diverse range of services, meeting the varying needs of our autistic and neurodiverse children and adults. Our resources include: four schools; a further education college; a vocational training farm; five residential homes for children; and thirteen adult residential homes. We also provide adult-day care; supported living services; adult and children’s family support services; short break facilities; a supported employment programme; and online support. Our toddler groups are often the first point of contact for our families, where a formal diagnosis may not yet have been received.

Fundamental barriers often exist for these families, such as social isolation, stigma, anxiety and sensory issues, which mean many children miss out on attending groups and the benefits they bring. We believe it is important to provide these sessions to families for free, to avoid further barriers in accessing support.

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Norton Cricket Club

We are a local cricket club who are trying to promote Junior Cricket particularly, girls cricket. We do have Junior / Ladies section and have introduced a number of children with the ECB's All-Stars programme.

We have continued within the club with our own 5 to 8 year old's in the hope to introduce more to cricket, a sport which has a long tradition of helping with social skills and mental health. We are looking to fund further qualified coaches to help in the development of the younger children and young girls to advance to Ladies Cricket.

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Durham City Rugby Football Club Dragons

Durham City Dragons are the recently established women's rugby team at Durham City Rugby Football Club (DCRFC). DCRFC Dragons promote teamwork, strength, fitness, and togetherness.

As a team we have a mission to engage women in our community in rugby; both the physical exercise and social aspects of the sport are incredibly important in supporting mental health and wellbeing, particularly following the pandemic. DCRFC Dragons are aware of both the socially isolating impacts of the pandemic, and of the high deprivation areas in County Durham, and want to be a team that can facilitate change and make a positive impact on the livelihoods of our players and members.

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Washington Athletic Madrid

We are an under 16 boys football team in Washington. The boys are trying to raise money for winter jackets and so are doing sponsored walks etc but any contribution would be great.

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Norton and Stockton Ancients

We aim to give girls the love of football at all abilities.

This is to help with an away kit for the girls and also to hold a group Christmas party for the girls.

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Crawcrook United Football and Futsal Club

Crawcrook United FFC are a grassroots football club who have grown from 2 teams to 9 teams since 2018.

We have an asset transfer to take over the running of a local football pitch but urgently require grass cutting equipment to maintain the pitches to make sure our teams have a place to train and play. We require a grass cutter or tractor with cutting equipment to enable us to do that.

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Vulnerable Veteran Regional Collaboration

Walking With The Wounded ‘WWTW’ deliver employment, mental health, care coordination and volunteering programmes in collaboration with the NHS to get those who served, and their families, whether mentally, socially or physically wounded, back on their feet and making a positive contribution once more. Why? Because those who served, deserve. We are based at our large veterans hub in North Shields covering the North East . Our project is to develop better collaboration between the NHS Veterans Mental Health Programmes , Local Council Services and Regional Veterans and their families. Collaboration , Cooperation and connectivity in services to ensure that Veterans . By providing a large Regional Team we hope to create a better pathway to stability for those who served. Our aim is to develop regional meetings , service user engagement groups and community focus on the things that matter to vulnerable veterans and their families.

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Hartlepool Rugby Club

We require funding for our girls youth under 12s team. This team is brand new for 22/23 season and currently has no sponsorship.

Hartlepool RFC, offer rugby completely free for children aged 5-17. We rely on sponsors for our teams to buy playing shirts/training kit/balls for the teams. 22/23 is the first season we have offered a u12s girls only team.

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Middlesbrough Amateur Swimming Club

We are an amateur swimming club which has been established for over 100 years, we have produced a number of elite athletes over the years that have gone on to represent Team GB at an international level. We have a number of highly motivated coaches and volunteers that support the day to day running of the club and we continually look for opportunities to support our members in their passion for swimming and to reach their full potential.

We would like to develop a dry land training space to enhance our existing swim training, this will challenge and stretch our swimmers as well as supporting them to compete at a regional and national level. Although we have a space to deliver this, we need to equip it with a variety of equipment that will compliment the existing swim program. We have coaches qualified to deliver these strength and conditioning sessions, who are keen to develop a full rounded programme of activity for our members of all ages once the space is established.

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Grants and Trusts Fundraiser

We are a registered charity with 4 strands of community: Modern Day Slavery, Homelessness, Older Communities and complex Learning Disability & Autism Services.

Our complex Learning Disability & Autism Services support adults with special care needs, autism, learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health issues.

Our mission is to meet need where we find it, creatively providing help and support to people in the way they want in order to meet needs, wishes and aspirations. During the lockdown period those in our care told us that they would like to do more gardening; creating colour and interest where they can see it, smell it and touch it to make them feel happy.

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Cornerstone Benwell

Cornerstone Benwell is a community charity in the heart of Newcastle’s West End an area of severe economic deprivation and child poverty. Benwell and Elswick sit in the top 1% of the most deprived areas in the UK.

Cornerstone has a long-term commitment to serve the community by providing an emergency food bank, community cafe, subsidised food pantry, activities for adults with learning disabilities and mental health outreach to local schools.

We are seeking funding for our Welcome Project which is a group for adults with learning disabilities. We run this to allows them to take part in enjoyable activities in a safe and familiar environment. Currently we offer cookery and arts and crafts sessions. Adults with learning disabilities can often feel isolated and excluded from the community and this project allows them to have regular social interactions as well as learning new skills and improving their overall well being. We dedicate time after every session to getting our participants to have a cup of tea or coffee and socialise.

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Jarrow FC

We are an U11 girls Football Team that are quite new to Jarrow FC so we have very little funds and will take a little while to raise such funds for winter/cold weather jackets for all our girls. We train once a week and the season starts in September to we are hoping to get some help so they can have some protection from the elements during colder months. With been a grassroots team, our parents are brilliant and me and my husband are both in a volunteers as coach and liason so this would help us massively and say a big thank you!

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The Chronicle Sunshine Fund

The Chronicle Sunshine Fund transforms the lives of babies, children and young adults up until their 19th birthday, who are disadvantaged through disability. We are the North East's largest equipment provider, supporting over 630 children annually through equipment provision in the home, at school or in organisational settings. The children we support have a wide range of conditions and complex needs including physical disabilities, learning difficulties, life limiting conditions or terminal diagnosis. None of the items of equipment we provide can be funded via any statutory source or by the NHS despite being essential for the child's physical health and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, as the costs of these specialist or bespoke pieces of equipment are high, families are unable to purchase them independently.

In addition to equipment provision, we host family play sessions, parent/carer workshops and coffee mornings and family events such as day trips. We recognise that the cost of these events are typically outside of the budget of the families we support despite many of the children having life limiting and terminal illnesses. The events give children and their families the opportunity to find common interests with like minded peers and form friendships with other families in local areas where social isolation is highest.

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Tees Valley Roller Skating Club

We hold many different skating sessions throughout the week where we coach any skater from 4 years old to 74 years old - a fully inclusive club bringing everyone together to learn new skills - we would like help to bring an international coach over for a weekend to help enable our skaters get to the next level - it would be a great opportunity with your help we could make this happen.

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North East & Yorkshire Cerebral Palsy & Disability Football team

We are a regional disability Football team. our adult team is a disability specific team accessed by players aged 16+ who live across the North East & Yorkshire catchment area.

The players who access the Cerebral Palsy Specific sessions have the following associated conditions:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Stroke
  • Acquired brain injuries

We also provide an open junior (under 16 years) disability session, which can be accessed by anyone with a disability who lives in the North East / Yorkshire catchment area. Both teams train weekly between October-June and also access regular fixtures. Our North East and Yorkshire adult cerebral palsy Football team participate in the national CP Football league. We are also looking at potentially taking the team to access an international Cerebral palsy Football club tournament, which is scheduled to take place in Barcelona next June.

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Hartlepool Headland ABC

The club is the Hartlepool Headland ABC (Amateur Boxing Club).

You may be aware that Hartlepool is one of the most deprived areas in the Country, with high levels of poverty and unemployment, not to mention massive health inequalities.

As a result, the club provides a service, run entirely by volunteers from the community, to young people from Hartlepool to learn about boxing, discipline, structure, routine and the benefits of health and exercise – what’s not to love right? Without access to the gym, many of these young people would be at increased risk of social isolation, health issues or anti -social behaviour. The club is based on the headland in Hartlepool and has been coaching and developing young boxers since 1985.

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Riverside Juniors City

Riverside Juniors City comprises of 2 under 8 football teams, both of which will be playing in the local FA affiliated league next season.

This will be the second season for one of the teams and the first for the other. The teams have children of all abilities, giving everyone the chance to take part and make new friends. Alongside the football, we also look to organise team days together away football to help build the relationships between the players.

The most recent of which was a laser tag event which everyone enjoyed. The funds would help with entry in to future tournaments as well as helping with purchasing of training equipment for the teams. Any residual money would be used for further team building experiences.

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Seaham Utd Reds u16

We run a small football club which only had one team. With only a few weeks' notice we had to set up a 2nd team as children from the surrounding area didn't have a team to play for. We had to borrow a strip from another team which is over a year old which doesn't match(please see photo), some players have to share a top if they're a substitute as there isn't enough to go around. Some of the tops and shorts don't fit but the players just want to play football. We come from a very working class area to which money is very tight for parents.

Coach is having to pay fees and potentially spare kits from his own pockets as currently any money we do receive is being saved to buy equipment so a new set off strip would be a life saver for us allowing the children to play football.

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Coping with Cancer North East

Maggie Bailey has set up a new voluntary network for VCSE organisations in Northumberland to collaborate and build relationships, to develop teamwork and inspiration for all residents in Northumberland who are affected by health inequalities. This is a new way of working together and will build trust and transparency for ongoing delivery of free services for vulnerable people.

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Oxbridge Lane Primary School

We are in an area that has a higher-than-average level of deprivation. We endeavour to enable our pupils to participate in a range of activities and experiences that they would perhaps not otherwise get or even know about both in school and in the wider community. The recent pandemic has impacted significantly on their experiences, confidence and more so now the cost of living has reduced the opportunities they get. Much of what we have focussed on has been school based. Over the last year we have worked on developing our outdoor areas.

We are fortunate to have a space that we can create into a school allotment and are in the early stages of developing a community group to support the children and staff in achieving this. Our project would be to purchase resources that enable the upkeep of the area - such as gardening tools, plants, gloves, and equipment that would allow a skills-based programme similar to Forest School. We would purchase den building materials, fire making and whittling tools and a fire pit. This would also be an after-school club where parents/carers would be invited to come and join in with their child. Ultimately when we have the allotment functioning and a confident group of pupils and adults around forest school skills, we would hold an official opening and invite the community to see what we have achieved and perhaps even sell some of our home-grown fruits and vegetables.

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Hartlepool United Women and Girls

I'm a volunteering FA level 1 coach at Hartlepool United Women football club with many more volunteers that help run the club for girls age 10+ up to the ladies team. We run 4 girls team from U11 U14 U16 U18 plus the Ladies that i also so play for. We are also a none profit club and help young girls develop in to the ladies games.

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