thyssenkrupp Home Solutions is now TK Home Solutions

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Domestic Lifts

With age and injuries, double story living can be a challenge. Whether the situation limiting your mobility is temporary or long term, we have customised domestic lifts that are designed to be the perfect solution.

With our customised house lifts, we can help you add value to your home while making it easier, convenient and safe to move between the floors. We have many years of experience in designing and manufacturing residential lifts and our quality is unmatched.

Lifts for homes

TK Home Solutions is a specialist in lifts for homes. We have been building comfortable, safe, easy to use and lasting house lifts for over 60 years.

With our team of engineers and designers, we assess the challenges you are facing in your home and build a lift to match the dimensions of your home for your convenience. As the leading lift manufacturer, we have invested heavily in research and innovation to ensure we offer unbeatable quality with our domestic lifts.

Whether you’re looking for customised curved residential lifts or a lift for a small home, our team of passionate engineers and designers will sit with you to assess the different challenges you are facing in your home, to help design a lift that will solve all those challenges. Get in touch with us today to have a look at our expansive range of quality domestic lifts.

Offering House Lifts Across the UK

Since 2001, we have helped thousands of clients make the most out of their homes by installing house lifts. Because we know that different people face different challenges, we always consider each lift different and we design it to meet your specific needs.

Our dedication to quality and customising our lifts has resulted in thousands of positive customer reviews and we have been accredited by various organisations like the British Healthcare Trades Association and Exor.

We are fully dedicated to providing you with an excellent experience when working with us and our team of experts. At TK Home Solutions.

Ergonomically Designed

Our domestic stairlifts are ergonomically designed to complement the look of your home. We know how hard you’ve worked to build a home that you love. Your need for mobility should not take your comfort and years of hard work away. That’s why we offer a full range of domestic lifts that complement your home. You can decide whether you want to have your domestic lift blend it or stand out.

Safety and Comfort

Our years of experience and research and mobility ensures our domestic stairlifts offer unmatched comfort and safety. With over 60 years of engineering, we have perfect our craft to provide your clients with the best rated and safe mobility equipment to match their needs.