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How Safe are Stairlifts?

Safety Measures of a Stairlift


The most alarming factor about the safety of a stairlift is the speed. If the stairlift is too fast, it can pose serious concerns. If it’s too slow it can be time wasting and a hindrance in your home. That’s why the speed of the stairlift has to be carefully calculated.

Stairlifts have a speed of 0.1metres per second. That means it takes the stairlift approximately 41 seconds to go up a staircase that is 4.1metres long.

Before settling on this speed, a lot of testing and research was done. The stairlift had to have a speed that is safe and fast enough that you don’t feel like it’s taking too long to get up or down the stairs.

Construction and testing

Quality construction is the first step in creating a safe product. Each stairlift from TK Elevator is made from high-quality components which are individually tested before they are used to make the stairlift.

Each stairlift is put together to the precise measurements of the user’s home, their requirements and preferences. No two stairlifts are designed the same and this requires each of them to be carefully constructed and the process closely monitored.

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Besides the rigorous manufacturing process, the stairlifts are thoroughly tested before being dispatched to their owners.

Before the stairlift leaves the testing centre, it’s believed to have gone through over 10 years of testing which ensures there are no flaws or faults with the products.


Stairlifts are designed for two purposes. The first is safety and the other is convenience. During the design phase, a broad range of factors are considered and the engineers come up with innovative ways to mitigate any of the risks.

The stairlifts are fitted with seat belts, armrests, footrests, sensors and a variety of other features to help keep you safe while you're using the stairlift.

The design, speed and construction of the stairlift all come together to ensure the stairlift is as safe as it can be.

Get in touch with our friendly team

However, it’s important to note that each home and each staircase is different. When choosing a stairlift, it’s key to set up an appointment with consultants who come and take measurements of you and your home.

This ensures they can prescribe the best stairlift for you. It also guarantees that the safety features of the stairlift are matched to your needs and the obstructions in your home.

Once the stairlift is installed, you should train yourself to use it properly and follow the recommended procedure. This will allow the stairlift to serve you better and ensure your safety while you use the equipment. After all, the safety features on the stairlift are only useful if you use them properly.