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Privacy Policy

Welcome to TK Home Solutions, where we are happy for you to contact us and request a copy of our privacy policy. Furthermore, read on for details about our cookies policy.

Cookies Policy

We use a feature of your internet browser called a 'cookie'. A 'cookie' is a very small text file that your web browser places on your computer's hard drive, which allows us to help you get the best out of your visit. A 'cookie' can be thought of as an identification card which tells our website when you have returned. For further information about cookies, please visit

Our 'cookies' are only used to store basic information like your user identification. They do not store password or credit card information.

We use 'cookies' to make accessing the website more convenient as you won't need to remember your user name/email address. This information will allow us to welcome you by name and, over time, to personalise our website content to reflect your preferences. For security reasons, you will still need to enter your password. Our 'cookie' will remain on your hard drive indefinitely.

It is possible for you to view our website without providing any personal information but you may need to register your details, so that we are able to contact you about special offers from which you can benefit. We also use cookies to provide aggregate statistics on visitors to our websites and their browsing behaviour. However, TK Home Solutions will never use this information to identify you personally or to market products and services to you without your consent.

TK Home Solutions uses trusted data analytics service providers like Google Analytics to help us analyse the aggregate website visitor statistics collected from our site cookies. We may also set third party cookies (cookies which are not set by the domain) while you are browsing the site and use the data collected for the same analytical purpose. Strict conditions are set out for the processing of any cookie information by any third party and remain in control of this information at all times.

You can set your browser to accept or reject all (or certain) 'cookies'. You can also set your browser to alert you each time a 'cookie' has been presented. You can delete 'cookies' that have been stored on your computer but remember, if you prevent us from placing 'cookies' on your computer during your visit or you subsequently delete a placed 'cookie', it will not be possible for you to use this website effectively. The system relies on the 'cookie' to identify you as the user.

Please be assured that TK Home Solutions does not use 'cookies' to retrieve personal information. We will only gain such information if you have knowingly and willingly provided it directly to us.