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The perfect match - Flow2 stairlift from thyssenkrupp

Restoring Mobility: Stairlift Installation

How TK Home Solutions Transformed Mr & Mrs Ord’s Family Home and Quality of Life.

With the power of innovative solutions, TK Home Solutions has showcased how a simple installation can dramatically improve an individual's quality of life. We are proud that we could help our customer stay in their family home and gain back independence and freedom through the installation of a stairlift.

Mrs Ord, faced daily challenges in navigating between her three-story home. With health issues affecting her ability to climb stairs comfortably, she found herself struggling to make her way upstairs and enjoy her full home and was limited to only accessing other floors of the house when it was necessary.

After visiting the showroom in Stockton-on-Tees and trying out our stairlifts, Mr & Mrs Ord decided to go ahead with the S200 stairlift purchase. The TK Home Solutions team followed up with an on-site survey assessment using our HoloLens technology to determine the stair design, space availability for the chair, and also Mrs Ord's personal requirements.

A personalised solution was designed and tailored to Mrs Ord’s needs. A curved rail stairlift was chosen for their home, designed to seamlessly integrate with the staircase and blend in perfectly with their home decor. The installation process performed by our experienced sales engineers Dion Sung was efficient and minimally invasive, ensuring that the home's aesthetics and functionality remained intact. It was smooth, seamless and he left the area clean and tidy with no disruption.

Following the installation of the stairlift, it allowed Mrs Ord to effortlessly ascend and descend the stairs, granting her access to her entire home once again. The ease of operation and safety features of the stairlift provided full confidence to move around freely, reducing the risk of accidents or strain.

Mrs Ord shared, "We wanted something that was modern looking and efficient and this was the one. It’s going to make a huge difference. It means I’m not going to have pains, I’m not going to dread going up the stairs. I am impressed with the whole thing, it was a lovely experience and I came away with a smile on my face."

Mrs Ord’s stairlift experience demonstrates the transformative power of accessibility solutions. Inspired by stories like this, TK Home Solutions will always continue to provide the best possible service, product and solution to cater to the unique needs of individuals seeking enhanced mobility.

As the population ages and the importance of aging-in-place gains prominence, we will always play a fundamental role in making homes more accessible and comfortable for senior citizens and individuals with limited mobility.

The case study of Mrs Ord’s stairlift installation journey serves as a touching reminder of the positive impact that customised accessibility solutions can have on individuals' lives. Our commitment to innovation, expertise, and compassionate service has not only improved the quality of life for Mrs Ord, but also stands as an opportunity for others seeking to regain their independence and mobility within their homes.

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