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Second Hand Stairlifts

What is a Reconditioned Stairlift?

Second hand stairlifts are often misunderstood. They are used stairlifts that we refurbish and re-test to assess if they are in the best working order.

We offer both curved and straight second hand stairlifts depending on the needs of our clients. As with new stairlifts, second hand options are just as easy to install, and we can help you get a bespoke stairlift of your choice to make sure it is better suited to your needs.

We offer custom-made tracks with the second-hand stairlifts that fit the curves of the stairs in your home. While customising might mean it takes slightly longer for the stairlift to be delivered and installed, the quality, performance and experience provided by the stairlift are the same.

Buying a second hand stairlift from us is not the same as buying one from a private seller. As a reputable supplier, we will make sure the stairlift is in proper working condition and we also provide you with a warranty for your peace of mind.

You also have access to our world-class team of engineers and customer support service. They will come in handy in case you run into any challenges with your stairlift.

Quality Tested Second Hand Stairlifts

Just because you're buying a used stairlift doesn't mean you have to settle for poor quality and performance. At TK Home Solutions, we take time to test and refurbish every reconditioned stairlift before we dispatch it to the new owner.

We take time to re-test the stairlift thoroughly and we provide you with a warranty. The refurbishing process is meant to restore the standards of the stairlift to the same ones that come with new stairlifts.

Before being sold, each of our stairlifts has to meet our rigorous standards of quality and pass all the tests.

When refurbishing the stairlifts, we:

  • Replace the old batteries with new ones
  • Provide full documentation for the products
  • Any parts that need replacing or upgrading are replaced to meet any new specifications or requirements
  • We provide a complete history for your stairlift that you can use to check for your stairlift
  • The stairlift goes through a 42-point check system to make sure it is safe and works properly

Why Buy Second Hand stairlifts From Us?

Buying a new stairlift is always recommended. But, if your budget doesn’t allow, a second hand stairlift can serve the purpose and doesn’t stretch your budget thin.

Buying a second hand stairlift from us has many benefits. These include:

  • We only purchase stairlifts that meet our rigorous standards. Each of our second-hand stairlifts are thoroughly assessed before we take it for refurbishing
  • Each second hand stairlift in our line has to go through the hands of our skilled and accredited engineers who check it for faults and wear and tear
  • After reconditioning the stairlift and replacing any faulty or worn out parts, we provide you with a warranty to give you confidence that the stairlift will work as expected. If it doesn’t, we will fix it for you at no cost
  • Even with second hand stairlifts, you don’t have to compromise your safety or convenience. The stairlifts can be customised to the dimensions of your home and to meet your needs
  • Our second hand straight and curved stairlifts are offered at competitive prices. Once you purchase the stairlift, we will take care of everything including the installation of the stairlift, so you have nothing to worry about
  • We always want our customers to be comfortable when using our services. For the sake of your convenience, we will conduct all the consultations at the comfort of your home. this allows us to assess your home and makes finding a stairlift easier and less strenuous for you

Professional Installation

Part of the safety routine of a stairlift is proper installation. To achieve this, most manufacturers will send their team of engineers and technicians to install the stairlift. They make sure the lift is installed to the highest standards and it’s safe for you and other people in the house.

Manufacturers take all necessary precautions to make sure second hand stairlifts are as safe as possible.

However, their efforts will only pay off if you use the stairlift and the safety features included appropriately. You have to observe the regulations and always make sure the stairlift is serviced on time.

If you're considering buying a quality second-hand stairlift, you can give us a call. Our team of qualified engineers will come to your home to assess and advise you on the best second-hand stairlift for your home.