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Are Second Hand Stairlifts Safe?

Why You Should Buy a Reconditioned Stairlift

Quality and testing

In terms of quality, second hand stairlifts are not any different from their new counterparts. They are made from the same quality parts and the same meticulous teams of engineers.

Before each reconditioned stairlift is dispatched, it's carefully inspected for defects and some parts are replaced to ensure the equipment is up to date. Some of the parts that are replaced include the battery and safety belt. This ensures you will get a reliable stairlift.

The stairlift is also rigorously tested to ensure it is running at optimal performance. By the time the stairlift is installed in your home, it's as good as new.

To guarantee quality, each second hand stairlift comes with a long-standing warranty. It should give you peace of mind that the manufacturer has confidence that the equipment will work as expected. If there are any issues, the warranty covers the parts and labour to get the stairlift working properly again.

Safety features

Every stairlift company takes safety very seriously. It’s one of the aspects of stairlifts they never compromise on. We over a wide range of options, from reconditioned curved stairlifts, to straight stairlifts and more.

Depending on the type of stairlift you want and one that suits your needs, the safety features can differ from one stairlift to the next.

Such features include seatbelts, armrests, obstruction sensors and footrest, to name a few.

Before the stairlift is installed, each of these features is inspected to ensure it works properly. If anything like the belts are worn out, they are replaced before the stairlift is shipped to its new owner.

Each of the safety features has to receive a clean bill of health from the technicians before the second-hand stairlift can be sold.

Second Hand stairlift features

Just because you go for a more affordable option doesn’t mean you have to put up with a stairlift that is a tad bit less useful.

To make sure the stairlift is as safe as possible, parts like the safety features and track of the stairlift are tweaked by the engineers to customise the stairlift to the requirements of your home.

You can also have the upholstery customised for aesthetic appeal and to make the stairlift easier to use.