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Stairlifts Cheshire

Customised stairlifts to match your needs

Our customised approach to designing stairlifts is inspired by the fact that no two people are the same. We aim to build stairlifts that solve your challenges and meet your needs.

During the design of the stairlifts, our experts will measure you and your home. Together, you will choose the upholstery you prefer and the customised railing. Before building the stairlift, we will present you with a 3D simulation. After you’re comfortable with how the stairlift looks and functionality, we will start the process of manufacturing.

With our customised approach, we hope to help our clients easily adjust to the new addition. Not only will your new stairlift help you overcome your situation but it will also be an addition that is inspired by your personality and preferences.

Years of satisfied clients and excellent engineering

Our stairlifts are as a result of years of design and innovation tailored to provide you with the best comfortable stairlifts. Our mission is to provide you with stairlifts that meet your needs and designs you love.

Bodies like British Healthcare Trades Associations and Rehacare Designs have noticed our dedication and personalised approach to stairlifts. We have received multiple third party awards for our excellence and thousands of satisfied customers reviews for our customer support that go the extra mile.

We do all the work

We have dedicated ourselves to providing you with the best mobility solutions. We also do our best to make the process of choosing the right stairlift easy and stress-free.

All the consultations are done at your home. We send a team of qualified experts to the comfort of your house to answer your questions and offer professional advice. We will also come and take the measurements of both you and the house.

We can also call you back if you have additional questions or would like to set up another appointment. What's more, the consultations and calls are free and non-obligational.

At TK Elevator we believe engineering and innovation holds the key to overcoming the obstacles and the challenges you are facing in your home. For six decades, we have successfully helped thousands of clients enjoy comfortable and safe mobility solutions. With our stairlifts being offered in Cheshire, you can also enjoy complete freedom in your home.