thyssenkrupp Home Solutions is now TK Home Solutions

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Stairlifts in Chester

Free, unrivalled support

Our approach to customer support is unrivalled and personalised. We know no two people are the same. Thus, no two stairlifts should be the same. Our experts will offer you all the support and help you need to pick the right stairlift for your home.

The advice and consultations we offer are free and non-obligational. Our dedication to customer support is the reason why we have the highest scores for customer satisfaction.

For first time customers, you can request us to call you for information and answers. The calls are free and non-obligational as well.

Customised stairlifts to overcome your challenges

We are always innovating and finding new ways and technologies to help you find it easier to move around your home.

Our wide range of stairlifts includes varieties that can be used for outdoor or indoor use. We also have stairlifts for inclined and curved stairs. No matter what your mobility challenges are or the obstructions you face, you can rely on TK Home Solutions for an alternative.

We understand that your obstacles and challenges are different from those faced by other people. To make sure you get the best stairlift, we do the consultations in your home as we assess the different challenges and obstacles around the house.

Our designers also consult with you to come up with a stairlift that is not only suitable for your home but one you will love. You get to choose the upholstery of your choice and the railing to match your personality or blend the stairlift with the rest of the house.

Recognised and respected German precision engineering

TK Elevator is recognised all over the world as a leader in precision engineering for home solutions. Our dedication to perfection in engineering has earned us numerous awards and positive customer reviews.

We have also earned accreditation from the British Healthcare Trades Association. We have also received awards from IF Product Design and Rehacare Designs for our industry-leading stairlift setups.

With our customised approach to stairlifts, we will help you get the right mobility solutions to make the most out of your home with ease, comfort, and safety. We will hold your hand as we take the journey to find the right stairlift for you together.