thyssenkrupp Home Solutions is now TK Home Solutions

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Stairlifts in Birmingham

Customised solutions for every home

We believe no two people are identical and we take the same approach in designing our stairlifts. We have expert engineers, designers and a manufacturing team that tailors each stairlift for our Birmingham customers to match their situation.

We take quality and comfort seriously. We are realistic, and we never take shortcuts. To make it easier for you to get your stairlift, our experts will come to your home. They will measure you and assess the ‘challenges' you are facing. To give your stairlift a customised feel, we will let you choose the upholstery and present you with a 3D simulator to show how the stairlift works and looks.

Decades of outstanding work and happy clients

Our confidence and ability to deliver comes from years of tireless design and manufacturing of stairlifts. Our goal is not only to present you with products that improve your mobility around the house but stairlifts that you will love and feel comfortable using. Our precision and quality German engineering has been recognised the world over, and we have received numerous awards for our work and innovativeness.

To date, we have successfully installed over 130,000 units since 2001 with thousands of positive reviews from happy customers who still use our products.

Free consultations at the comfort of your home

At TK Elevator we do everything in our power to improve lives and enhance mobility. Our consultations are free and are carried at the comfort of your home. During the visit, we assess all the obstructions in your home and highlight any special needs to be captured in the design.

We also call back potential customers looking for more information about our products and services at no cost.

TK Home Solutions, aims to use technology and engineering to help you overcome the challenges that come in different stages of life. Even though your mobility may be limited, with our stairlifts being offered Birmingham, you will still have full access to your home.