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Stairlifts in Leeds

Over the years, age and different challenges in life can affect your mobility and make staircases in your home an obstacle instead of an enabler. TK Home Solutions has been at the forefront in finding customised mobility solutions of our clients for over 60 years to help them overcome challenges and obstacles for the people of Leeds.

At TK Elevator we have been using our love for design and passion for engineering to make stairlifts that help you enjoy complete freedom in your home. With over 60 years of experience, we provide safe, comfortable and easy to use stairlifts for our clients that are built to match their needs.

Excellent engineering with bespoke designs

We have been developing our stairlift technology for over 60 years and we have a patented ASL technology. It provides a smooth ride for our clients on inclined and curved staircases and can easily go around the tightest curves.

We understand that getting used to the new stairlift in your home will be difficult. That is why we customise our designs and allow you to take part in the process by choosing the upholstery that goes on the stairlift and the customised railing. You can decide to have your stairlift blend in with the rest of the house or you stand out to represent your personality.

Stairlifts for all applications

It does not matter how or where you would like to use your stairlift. TK Elevator can help you design and bring to life the perfect stairlift for your application.

We have stairlifts for indoor and outdoor use and we also have stairlifts for use in public spaces. We have stairlifts for straight, inclined and curved staircases as well as standing stairlifts for narrow staircases. With our wide range of bespoke solutions, you easily will find the right solution for you.

With you all the way

Stairlifts are a little difficult to understand. We know you need all the help you can get to make the right decision. To make sure the information you get is reliable and accurate, we don’t work with middlemen. Everyone you will talk to is an expert from TK Elevator

Our consultations are free and without obligations and conduct them at the comfort of your home. We assess your home and all the challenges you’re facing so we can offer you the best and most personalised advice possible.

We also call back clients who request us to call them at no cost. You can use our call back feature to ask questions, set up consultations or seek clarification.

Unparalleled customer support

To date, we have installed over 130,000 stairlifts for our happy customers. We have hundreds positive reviews from customers and third party awards for our excellent customer support services.

At TK Elevator you will not only have a quality stairlift that you will love but we strive to offer you an unforgettable experience. We make sure the process of getting your stairlift is easy, quick and straightforward so you can get back to enjoying full mobility around your home.

With our innovative engineering and a can-do attitude, we will help you find the best stairlift for you to help you overcome obstacles in your home. If you are looking for a stairlift in Leeds, get in touch with us today.