thyssenkrupp Home Solutions is now TK Home Solutions

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Stairlifts in Liverpool

Customised stairlifts for every situation

Every client has different challenges and obstacles. We design our stairlifts for customers in Liverpool to meet those needs and requirements at a personal level.

We can manufacture stairlifts for inclined stairs and curved stairs and customise them to go around tight curves where others would not dare.

In addition to designing mobility solutions to overcome different situations, we give our clients the chance to take part in the designing of the stairlift. We believe that by making a stairlift that the client loves and is an extension of their personality, it makes it easier to adjust to the new addition.

We always present our clients with a 3D simulation of the stairlift before we start building it to ensure all the details are perfect and all requirements are met.

World-class German engineering you can trust

TK Elevator is a reputable engineering brand recognised all over the world. We have installed thousands of stairlifts from 2001, and we continue to install new ones every day.

Our customised approach to stairlifts and personalised customer support has earned us respect as a leader in home solutions. We have received numerous third-party awards and accreditation from some of the most trusted organisations like the British Healthcare Trades Association and SafeContractor.

With our leading and trusted engineering practices, we deliver quality stairlifts that are comfortable, safe, and easy to use.

We will hold your hand through the process

Choosing the right stairlift without any understanding can be difficult. That is why we have invested in offering unmatched customer support to make sure you have all the details and support you need to make the right decision.

You can request us to call you back at your convenience to answer questions or schedule an appointment. We also conduct the consultations at the comfort of your home so you don’t have to make unnecessary travel arrangements. With TK Home Solutions, the process of getting a stairlift is easy and convenient.

To safeguard the integrity of our brand, we don’t work with middle-men. All the experts you speak to at each stage are our experts and will always follow the standards and policies we have put in place to ensure you get quality, accurate and reliable information at all times.