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Stairlifts in Manchester

Stairlifts for every situation and challenge

Your comfort and safety are crucial to us. That is why we carefully assess your home and take measurements to make sure our stairlift will address your unique situations and obstacles.

Our range of stairlifts in Manchester are designed for outdoor and indoor use, for inclined and curved staircases and public and private spaces. TK Home Solutions can help you design and install the stairlift no matter the situation.

With our cutting-edge innovations and patented technology, our stairlifts can manoeuvre the tightest curves without compromising your comfort or safety.

No challenge is too big for us. We will innovate and tailor your stairlift to meet your specific needs and overcome whatever obstacles you have in your home.

Keeping clients happy for years

Since 2001 TK Home Solutions has installed over 130,000 stairlifts. Our clients are delighted with our services as evidenced by the thousands of positive customer reviews.

Our secret to happy clients is offering comprehensive customer support and building stairlifts that meet their requirements and expectations.

We understand choosing the right stairlift is not an easy task. We offer free and non-obligational advice to our clients and in comfort of their homes.

You can also request us to call you back at no cost for follow up questions or to schedule an appointment. By listening to our clients, we can tailor the stairlifts to meet their needs and solve their problems.

Functional stairlifts in Manchester that you will love

It will take some time to adjust to your new stairlift. As part of our dedication to excellence and ease of use, we always involve our clients in the design process. By inspiring the design and look of your stairlift we believe it is easier to accept it and adjust to it.

Our clients can choose the upholstery that goes on the stairlift as well as the customised railing they prefer. Depending on your choice, we can design the stairlift to blend in with the rest of the house or be a reflection of your personality.

You should not move out of the house you love because managing the stairs has become difficult. We will help you find an effective and efficient stairlift that will overcome your obstacles and allow you to enjoy freedom and independence in your home.