thyssenkrupp Home Solutions is now TK Home Solutions

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Stairlifts in Nottingham

Stairs should be an enabler in your home. But, over the years, age and different circumstances can lead to reduced mobility and the stairs can become an obstruction. At TK Elevator, we provide you with stairlifts that improve your mobility and help you overcome the obstacles in your home.

We have over 60 years of experience and installed over 130,000 stairlifts for happy and satisfied clients. Today, you can become one of your esteemed and satisfied clients.

Engineering you can trust and designs you will love

TK Home Solutions is a subsidiary of thyssenkrupp. A world-leader in German precision engineering. We have invested decades of research and engineering to provide you with the most reliable and practical stairlifts in Nottingham.

Our stairlifts are fitted with patented ASL technology that guarantees the smoothest and safest rides even around the tightest curves.

We understand that accepting the new addition to your home might not be easy. That is why we have a wide range of designs you can choose from to match your personality or the finishing in your home.

Customised stairlifts inspired by you

Our clients are a significant part of the design process of stairlifts. We allow you to pick the upholstery of the stairlift and the customised railing.

By allowing you to be part of the design process, we can provide you with a stairlift that speaks about you and your personality and one that you’ll love. We always provide you with a 3D illustration of the stairlift in Nottingham so you can see how it looks and how it works. If you don't like anything, we can change that before manufacturing begins.

Reliable and efficient customer support

Our success is largely accredited to our efficient and reliable customer support system. We have thousands of positive customer reviews and over 130,000 satisfied customers who continue to use our services.

When working with thyssenkrupp, you will be dealing directly with our experts. We don't use middlemen. Just trusted and dedicated from our home solutions department.

We offer free consultations, which are carried out at the comfort of your home. We take time to assess all the possible obstructions in the house and identify any special needs around your premises. If you have any questions or require additional advice, you can request us to call you back at no cost.

Customised stairlifts for every application

We not only provide you with great stairlifts in Nottingham. But also, a team of experts in design, manufacturing and installation. This way, you can capitalise on our industry-leading engineering to find solutions that help you regain independence in your home.

We have customised stairlifts for straight and curved staircases, standing stairlifts and stairlifts for narrow staircases. We also have the Flow2 stairlift that is able to fit around the tightest curves where other stairlifts in Nottingham cannot.

With our wide range of customised stairlifts, we have a bespoke solution that suits your needs, demands, and challenges.

Don’t let staircases become barriers in your home. Get in touch with TK Home Solutions today and let us help you become independent in your home.