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Stairlifts in Sheffield

Are you finding staircases in your home to be an obstruction? TK Home Solutions can help. We have been making customised stairlifts for over 60 years. With our world leading engineering technologies, we will ensure your stairs never become a barrier again and help you enjoy total freedom in your home.

Safe and comfortable stairlifts

We understand that buying a stairlift for your home is not easy. That is why we provide you with a team of highly skilled experts who will help you design, manufacture and install the stairlift. With our excellent engineering and the help of our team, we will help you find a customised solution to help you regain independence.

As the leading stairlifts installer covering Sheffield, a lot of attention to detail goes into designing our solutions to make sure they are safe, secure and easy to use. We assess all the possible challenges in your home and with some of our best engineering technology like the patented ASL (Advanced Swivel and Levelling) technology, we help you come up with stairlift that will make all those challenges history.

Excellent designs that you will love

Embracing the new technology in your home might not be easy. That is why we do our best to design stairlifts that you’re going to love. Our clients are an important part of the design team and we allow you to express your opinion on a variety of factors on the design of the stairlift. We even let the client choose the upholstery and the customised railing that will go on the stairlift.

That way, you can choose whether you want a stairlift that blends in with the rest of the house or go for a finish that speaks about your personality. We use our 3D simulator to show you how the new stairlift will look and how it will function. If you’re happy with the design, we can proceed to manufacture and install the stairlift.

We will hold your hand throughout the process

You don’t have to worry about making endless trips to our offices. We will conduct the consultations and measurements in your home. You can also request us to call you back for questions and consultations and we will call you back at no cost. What’s more, our consultation is free.

At TK Elevator we believe in offering an unrivalled customer experience. We have thousands of clients who are happy with our services and plenty of third-party awards that speak of our dedication to providing you with the best experience. We will provide you with all the information you need to choose the correct solution and help you regain independence in your home.

Don’t let staircases in your home become an obstruction? We will hold your hand through the entire process and ensure you get your new stairlift in the easiest and most convenient way. With our wide range of customised stairlifts, you will find one that blends in with your style and helps you overcome the obstacles in your home. If you are looking for stairlifts in Sheffield, get in touch with us today.