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How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?

A number of factors are considered when determining stairlift prices. Because of our customised approach to help clients get tailored solutions for their challenges, our stairlift prices vary.
To help determine the price of your stairlift, you can schedule an appointment with us. Our experts will come to your house for the consultations and assess the house for obstacles that need to be considered when designing and building the stairlift.
At TK Home Solutions, we provide you with bespoke stairlift solutions designed just for your home. As such, the cost of the stairlift will differ depending on a variety of factors that we consider carefully before giving you a quote. These factors include:

Size of the home and staircases

The size of your home and the staircases is a major factor when determining the cost of your stairlift. The longer the staircase the longer the rail and equipment required. Longer rails also require a more intensive installation process and can attract higher rates for the stairlift.

Nature of the stairs

With our engineering experience and innovative approach, we can help you design a stairlift for every type of staircase. We have customised stairlifts that work on inclined stairs and others intended for straight and curved staircases.

No matter how tight the curves on your staircase are, we will help design your bespoke stairlift that will give you the freedom to move around the house. Additionally, our patented ASL (Advanced Swivel and Levelling) technology offers improved performance and safety.

In addition, if a stairlift isn't suitable we also offer a range of home lift product. Find out about the benefits of installing a home lift here.


It is not easy getting used to your stairlift. To solve this, we involve our clients in the design process. You can choose the upholstery and the customised railing on the stairlift. Different types, qualities, and designs of upholstery come at different prices. As such, the choices you make on the upholstery will affect the stairlift prices.

Additional features like a customised rail are also considered when calculating the cost of the stairlift.

Installation and preparation work

Homes are different. In some cases, the installation of the stairlift is easy and straightforward. In such homes, the cost of installation and preparation is lower. In other homes, installation of the stairlift might require the radiators to be moved and windowsills trimmed among other adjustments.

If a lot of preparation is required before the installation of the stairlift, the total cost of the stairlift will be affected.

To get the most accurate price for your stairlift, it is best to get in touch with TK Elevator directly. Our experts will offer free consultation and advice. We will also consider the different factors that might affect the stairlift price and provide you with an accurate quote.

Type of stairlift

We offer both straight and curved stairlift design to cater to all house designs. Straight stairlifts are more affordable compared to curved stairlifts, which require more railing and installation work.

We consider the type of staircase in your home before deciding whether you need a straight or curved staircase.

Length of staircase

Longer staircases mean more railing and more installation work. It will cost more to install a stairlift in a home with a long staircase largely because of the extra equipment needed to support the stairlift.

User weight

Your weight should not be a reason for you not to get a stairlift. For users whose weight might be a concern, we install heavy-duty lifting equipment to ensure the stairlift can hold your weight while remaining safe and comfortable.

The additional and specialized equipment will affect the final price of the stairlift. In case we need to use such equipment, our technicians will discuss the possibility with you and make sure the quote reflects the same.

Personal Preferences

At TK Home Solutions, we believe a good stairlift is one that features the personal preferences of the user. This makes it easier for the user to adapt to using the stairlift and embrace the new addition to the home.

To achieve this, we involve the client in the designing of the stairlift as well as the choice of upholstery. The materials you choose and finishing of the stairlift will affect the cost of the stairlift.


Depending on the layout, the type of the stairlift installed and your personal needs, the number of landings required can differ as well as the location of the landings. In most cases, the landing is at the bottom of the staircase, where there is more space.

However, we can adjust the location of the landing and number to suit your needs and the design of your staircase.